Restless backbiter

Oh!!these are some terrible creatures on this earth . Eventually trying to dispatch people break their bonding by scratching their mind with some rubbish gossips..these ruthless practices are the symbolic praises to ones character. These people don’t even know that if they backbite one person he/she will get a good impression rathar than gaining bad or worst from society… backbiters are always a good source of a person’s popularity…as the backbiters try to dispatch ones impression he or she may be more popular.I think about them why do they approach these kinds of stupidity to loose their moral…atleast they should think about their self so as not to regret later..and so on…different people having different path of life and their humour should strike them whenever they meet wrong deeds but the backbiters with their narrow mind shouldn’t have a point in their heart called humour. I think one shouldn’t do these jobs so later at old age when their teeth will san and beauty too but the twist will be he /she will surely regret and can’t look into its reflector(mirror). Then along with beauty inner beauty will san too

Colours of life

We all know that we have different phases of life…first the newborn next the kid third the teenager and fourth the adult and next the newborn again repeats. The newborns are held up high in lap near the heart and held the kid oh!full of sweet mischief…doesnt cares about his/her deeds..aplause when does good and to praise oo such innocence,avoid the oo so cool moves it makes…next the teen they are very keen ….they are potters clay if misguided it goes away …the shape parents give they return them as gifts…slowly the complexity grows one stays arose a habit of not listening makes a dose….the next colour turns white a pale figure sans sight sans teeth and memories,floating wit…oh pretty journey it is i term it as colours of life that is it….pink for newborns(cuteness divine),red for kids(bright to look at ),blue for teens(for rising high),yellow for adults(as the sun to change its colour according to time),white for the old (THE PALE And cold)

A platitude trip to GANGTOKĀ 

As  soon as the dawn begins, the sun was slowly glittering. I was super excited and quickly began with my morning chores and slowly dandified my mind and quickly had dappered myself. As soon as I opened all the locks of the gate, I could slowly feel the dapples on the sky. Then I slowly arranged to call up our Driver who would drive us to the beautiful and one of the cultural state of India “Sikkim”. My mother was busy to check that’ll things were perfectly packed or not. Then I was engaged to load up all the luggage on the rack above the car and the driver quickly tied  that with a thick rope. Then slowly the journey begins from Siliguri to Salugara  then through Sevok as soon. Oh! Such a greenish appearance of Tista  river randomly flowing to cut the stones and indeed the Coronation bridge so pretty it looks then through Kalijhara we went on travelling. Such glimpses were really dignified and was tremendous beautiful. That month of May has gifted me a dinky present of nature’s beauty. That was really soothing.  The breeze was simply blowing and indeed the sun as getting hoy and shiny, waterfalls having randomflow took us like switching a torch to see the path and we finally reached our destination. The capital city  of Sikkim “Gangtok”. We quickly reached to the taxi stand and finally the hotel in M.G Marg. That was a glorious and clean market place. All the tourist were enjoying their holidays. We simply checked in and took a nap then in the evening we all went to take rounds of M.G.Marg and clicked some photos. Next day we went to see Tsomgo lake and Baba Harbajans temple. I found a huge heaps of crystallized snow. Alas! We couldn’t stay there for hours and hours. The huge morning passed and the next day at the beginning of dawn we started our journey back to our sweet home……